Artist Statement

Artist Statement | Majie LaverrngeThere are two distinct streams in my art; Abstraction and Interactive Art. My interest in Interactive Art stems from my lifelong fascination with any art form that challenges the traditional rigid boundary between “artist” and “audience”. To me, it is enlivening when the “viewer” becomes part of the creative process and influences the outcome. I believe that there is an artist in all of us and that creating is simply part of life, of everybody’s life.

Inspired by my desire to help others tap into their own creativity, I have developed an Interactive Art Series titled “Re-Create”. Beginning from my own composition / configuration the viewer is invited to trespass beyond looking to touching and ultimately stepping into the role of artist / creator. With a multiplicity of combinations possible, this new “maker” moves a variety of shapes on a magnetized background resulting in their own unique design.

In my abstract work, I am interested in how geometric and organic shapes exist on a continuum and how they complement or oppose one another. This dialogue between the unplanned gestural raw movement and a decisive line or geometric shape is a fascinating dance. To enrich this tactile experience, I often use crackle medium, varied textural elements and intense hues. This slow, tumultuous and magical process of realizing an image, the embrace with life and its mysteries always connects me to Henry Miller’s words….”To paint is to love again”.

Artist | Majie Lavergne