RE-CREATE challenges the traditional boundary between “artist” and “audience”. It invites the “viewer” to create their own composition by physically moving various shapes on a magnetized background. The variety of configurations are only limited to one’s own imagination. RE-CREATE taps into the creativity and playfulness of its “maker”. RE-CREATE is unique in the art world! Majie logo


Acrylic crackle paint

Interactive Art acrylic and crackle


Interactive Art wood


Interactive Art paper

Each version is 30″X30″ with 4 circles and square of 9.5″ X 9.5″ each.

Commissions with different sizes and colours are available.

RE-CREATE videos

Benefits of RE-CREATE in the Workplace

Many articles point to the fact that adult play improves creativity and lessens stress at work and at home. In addition, we know that creativity and thinking out of the box is tightly connected to innovation; a key aspect to success in the corporate world. Leading edge companies such as Google, Apple, Xerox and Pixar have long honored the importance of a creative work environment. These and other companies are now providing “play areas” to stimulate creativity and innovation in the workplace.

RE-CREATE” is a fantastic tool and resource to empower creativity, play, interaction, and lesson stress in the workplace or at home. It can be used in any communal work area; such as “play areas”, hallway, cafeteria, conference room or office. Of course, this Interactive Art Series can be used at home or in any public area.