“Re-Create” has been selected and juried in the Sooke FineArts Show

Sooke Fine Art Show

Once again, with Re-Create viewers have become creators!

These viewers/creators tapped into their own creativity and many have shared with me; “this is so fun and unique”, “so beautifully made”, “i love it”.

The Sooke Fine Arts Show is a regional exhibition showcasing 375 works of original, West Coast art by artists on Vancouver Island and the surrounding BC coastal islands. It is the largest juried event in the region to represent Island artists, attracting more than 8000 visitors, tourists and art patrons. The show is an important means of drawing attention to the distinct artistic talent on the coastal islands and their contribution to Canada’s artistic heritage.

For more info, go to: www.sookefinearts.com

Enjoy this short video of viewers enjoying the experience of ‘Re-Create’: