About Majie Lavergne, MA

Artist | Majie Lavergne

My father, Robert Lavergne, a well-recognized post-impressionist painter, fostered my love for painting at an early age. I remember leaving Paris for New York to study filmmaking with Vincent Van Gogh as my greatest hero!

For fifteen years, I made documentary films In New York and Los Angeles. I then felt the need to re-connect with the painter within and decided to get my Masters in Art Therapy and Transpersonal Counseling.

My fascination for abstract art came with the work of Louis Nallard, my Godfather, a pioneer of the French lyrical abstract movement. The gestural, raw and uninhibited impulse of this specific movement in painting touched me and has deeply influenced my work. Most recently, Gerhard Richter is an artist whose work I admire.

My interest in Interactive Art stems from my life long fascination for any art form that challenges the rigid boundary between ‘the artist’ and the ‘viewer’. I am enlivened when the ‘viewer’ becomes part of the creative process and influences the outcome.

My work has been exhibited in Paris, USA and Canada. Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, is now my home where I dedicate much of my time to painting and creating Interactive Art.